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September 5, 2008

so much FUN...

I have been a demo over 5 years and I have never had so much fun. I am stamping almost everyday and it has reminded me why I started this business. Because I wanted to Share what I Love!
I wanted sketch book with grid paper - not because I am a good sketch artist but because I want it to look straight, hahaha. I also needed a notebook because if I don't write it down I forget! So, I made one with the book basic chipboard. While I was trying to think of what to put it in label holder.... it came to me stamping is so much FUN. Isn't it cute :) I took my inspiration from the book my friend and downline Lisa Vale, brought to convention. I wish I had a picture it's beautiful! If you want me to get her blogging and share it with you leave me a comment so she can see that we all want to see her stuff. Believe me it's beautiful :)
The Maine Blueberry paper is to die for -so is the bag I bought at convention (see below). Since I love it so, I wanted the sketch book to match. They look great together, huh? BTW, it also fits inside my black business bag from convention a few years I can take it everwhere, ROLF.
I hope you enjoyed what I had to share today! Now go stamp something.......See you soon,

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Lisa said...

I agree with Mandy....Lisa, I'd LOVE to see you start a blog with your projects. You always inspire me so very much...and then I could just ride on your coattails. :-)

Will you give it a thought?

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