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September 4, 2009

Waiting, waiting and waiting….

I know we all think orders take WAY to long to arrive. Especially when you have something you just can’t wait to create. That’s me, right now. I am sitting on pins and needles WAITING for My Digital Studio to arrive.

A fellow demo just had to tease me today, too. Look at what Gretchen Barrron made with “My Digital Studio”!!! I am so Jealous. 09_04_09_001_copy  You’ll have to click on her name to see all the cool pictures but this is a Hybrid Page she created. She started with a “template” in the digital program, dropped in a few photos. Now… she could have stopped there and it would have been beautiful. Click here to see the original. BUT she printed it, added some ribbon, buttons, dsp and poof…she has herself an amazing, one of a kind page that took her 15 minutes to create. YES, I said 15 min for the whole page!!!

Oh, I guess I wait, LOL…. but my brain is in overdrive with all that I want to do with the new digital studio. 

Digital classes to come, let me know if you want to join in on the FUN!!!

L-inked Together,



Laura Wiant said...

I want to come! When can we see the software and try it out????? When can we order it?

Mandy Grant said...

I'll have it here on the 13th at scrapbooking! I hope I will get it in time to play but we'll see. I'll show you want I know :) It will be available on Oct 1st for you to buy!!!

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