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September 8, 2009

Who wants to PLAY…


It’s a dice game for 12 people. It costs $15 cash to play and you’ll get a FREE make n take each month, you’ll get hostess benefits once in the year, and winners earn FREE product each month!  We will meet the 1st Thursday of each month.  Snacks and the make n take will start at 6:30 and we'll play Bunco form 7:30 - 9:30. Everyone brings a snack. I’ll have the drinks.

So, how do you play Bunco???  It's easy and lots of fun, you'll get to chat with everyone in the room at some point in the night!  The name of the game is numbers....You are trying to roll a certain number during each round.  Starting with 1 and working to 6.  The team at the table with the most points after a given round, wins and rotates to the top tables. The others rotate to the bottom tables.  If you roll 3 of any number - it's a Junco. If you roll 3 of the numbers needed in the round - you rolled a Bunco!  At the end of 24 rounds, we will tally to see who wins! $180 of  Stampin Up! product will divided among the 6 winners!!!

So, what can you win?

litegrnLogoEach month we will have a different hostess (we play at my house). She’ll earn the hostess set and $15 in FREE product – she will bring the make n take for 12 ladies - just a simple card.

PLUS….(SU! products of your choice)

  • $70 to the lady with the most BUNCOS
  • $50 to the lady with the most WINS
  • $30 to the lady with the most JUNCOS
  • $20 to the lady with the most LOSSES
  • $5 to the lady holding the BUNCO PIN
  • $5 to the lady with 50/50 wins/losses

It's all about hanging out with people that enjoy paper crafting and having a great time!!! We would love for you to join us! It is a year long commitment once a month.  If you can't make it, you can get a sub form the list of ladies that want to play but can't commit. Reply to this post if you would like to play or if you want to be on the sub list.

ATTENTION: Our first meeting will be on Wednesday, Oct 7th every month after we will meet the 1st Thursday.


Amanda Morris said...

I'm in! I can't wait to have a girls night out each month!!!

Liene said...

Since moving here, I've been dying to play Bunko. As a military wife, it's a must and now that we're not near a base there's no one to play the game with!

Please count me in! I'll just have to make arrangements with my husband.

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