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November 13, 2009

Gift Giving Buffet

Ok so many of you have asked about the Gift Buffet….as you know the dates changed but while you were waiting I came up with a few more OVER the TOP projects! DSC_1173

Buffet means you pick which 4 projects (per day) you want to make. I have 3 dates for you to come and PLAY!

Sat, Nov 21st  9:00 AM –1:00 PM –  I NEED to know what you want to make by Mon 16th

Sat, Dec 5th 9:00 AM– 1:00PM – RSVP by Thur 26th

Sat, Dec 12th 9:00 AM – 1:00 AM – RSVP by Thur 3rd

Send me an email ASAP with the dates you will be here and which projects you want to make.  Your cost is based on the projects you pick, so I’ll send you a pay pal invoice.

Ornament(s) pick your color

$6 for 1 ornament in a box

$19 for a Big Box w/ 4 ornamentsDSC_1169 

Acrylic Box of Cocoa $5DSC_1190

Decorative Tile $5DSC_1180 

Matchbook with Jewelry $5 pick 2 colors, main /accentDSC_1179

Christmas Frame $5 DSC_1175

4 White Linen Napkins with Acrylic Rings $5 DSC_1188

2010 Calendar Blocks $15 DSC_1186

 * You can order supplies for more then 4 projects, just do the things here that you can’t do at home!

Space is limited to 10 ladies per day so RSVP NOW!


Lisa said...

These are awesome! I am so stealing a couple of them to do a class in December. You are so creative!

Anonymous said...
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