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September 24, 2011

Organizational gift #2

plus, 3 and 4....I guess you can say I've been creating like crazy!
Thank you Stampin' Up! for Fabric, Cardstock, Designers Paper and Digital Images that ALL match, yaaaayyyy! They helped me make some fun gifts for Jenny's Birthday! I hope she likes them :)

We'll be focusing on the Calendar in this post but I have to mention the Bakers Twine Holder (L) and the Credit Card Holder/ Picture Album (B). The Credit card holder was inspired by this post, sent to me by my friend Kasey.  It's yummy in person and so much cheaper then a Vera Bradley! And my sweet friend Kay brought a twine holder that she made for show 'n tell, it was SOOOO cute I had to make one, too!

Let me show you the Calendar/ Pen Holder up close

Give me a big Woo Hoo, because it's pretty and functional.  Mom sent me this idea from a local office supply store and I thought "Oh my, I could make this in MDS and it would be pretty." There's was just  basic but I loved the idea and we've been eating soup. hehehe

Here's how I used MDS to get'r done 
(did you know you can find "get'r done" in the Urban dictionary - oh how I love the south) 
 These are the 2 pages I created in MDS and printed at home. The numbers were printed on regular  paper and the main image on vanilla card stock. 

Each page design needs to measure 4 3/4 x 10 to wrap around the can and then cut them into 4 pieces. 

cut out the hole for the number

place sticky strip along one side 

wrap the numbers first - NOT TO TIGHT

Then wrap the pretty pieces, starting at the bottom, using the lip on the can as your guide. 

"Souper" easy! LOL 

I will be making several of these for teachers but it'd make a great gift for an friend at work, too! Just toss in some coffee beans and a few pens. We'll make this at our MDS class in November! 

Supplies used: 

I've been so inspired to create recently and I hope this inspired you!  


Rochelle said...

Brilliant!! I love this!!

Jeanna Bohanon said...

Holy Cow Mandy, "I'm not worthy"! LOL. You are truly a genius!

Anonymous said...

These projects were a huge surprise and a wonderful birthday present! I LOVED each of these and they are already being put to use. Thanks so much for a fun birthday weekend! Miss you already!

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