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November 4, 2013


Oh how great being a BUC it is....

I'm so sad that football season is over! It just flew by.
At the end of our last game the cheerleaders and football players exchange gifts. That means the MOTHERS had to create 31 football themed gifts, while the girls made signs to hang on the fence for each of the players. Thank goodness pinterest was there with this cute little slogan! The goodie bags were filled with Pop Rocks, Popcorn and CHEER soda. So I wanted a topper that looked like the crowd was cheering POP POP FIZZ FIZZ ..... Oh how great being a BUC it is!

I designed 4 to a page (seen below), cut them out so the football looked as if it popped off the page, then I glued them to the front of a real red tent topper. So much quicker then stamping 31 of these bad boys!!! They looked very professional with matching name tags on the sting bags, too.
See it up close on instagram

Downloads used: Ahoy Mate for the background and the flags - Game Day Football Stamp for the football. I used the freeform tool to add the color behind the football 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Hybrid Designing!

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