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December 14, 2013

Filled with Fun

As I started working on Christmas gifts for co-workers and neighbors every gift started with the same gift box but each became filled with different kinds of fun (based on how much I like them)! LOL 
Let's be honest we all spend more time on the people we love the most.

All three projects below use just one download, I loved the images in this Sony Soiree Ensemble but I used the recolor tool to make the colors look more like Christmas. It's always so fun to find new ways to use a download!

Box #1 was filled with cookie fun! 
These would be perfect for co-workers, bank tellers, and teachers (especially when your child has 7 of them).  
This was a quick and easy project -  I stamped the tree, the banner and added a photobox circle (see tip below) on an 8 1/2 x 11 page. Then, copied them three times each so I could print 3 boxes at once! 

Tip on the Christmas Tree Ring: Insert a photobox (sized to 3.25 inches) and change the shape to a circle so you can easily recolor the christmas tree paper. The Circle Collection Framelits fit perfectly around the inside 1 7/8" and outside 3 5/8" to create a ring for the window in the gift box to peek out!

Box #2 was filled with Handmade Happiness! 

Imagine your neighbor coming over with this cute box of tags, a roll of craft wrapping paper and some matching ribbon. You'd do a Happy Dance, right? You bet, because they would have made your holidays a little easier! That's the feeling I'm going for this year. Why don't you try it with me?! I created 6 tags with the same download I had already used on the box for an instant gift ensemble. 

Last but not least... 
Box #3 was a Labor of Love! (remember, I told you, I spend more time on the ones I love *wink*) This box was something that I knew my friends and family with little one would use. 

Since I had already made the box I continued with the Snowy Soiree Ensemble to create 24 mini envelopes filled with Holiday activities.

Tip: Anytime I want to see my "cut lines" on a Hybrid project I use the red guidelines. It also doesn't hurt to add them if you have objects that you want to center. Once I printed both pages with the 24 squares, I cut them and used the punch board to to make little envelopes (see pics below). 

I can just see those sweet little faces as they count down the Holidays with family fun activities, like making hot cocoa and a night time adventure filled with Christmas Ligts. The best part is the adults can put the activities in the envelope that will fit their schedule best!

I hope your Holidays are Filled with Fun as you create for the ones who are near and dear to your heart. 

Mandy Grant 
My Digital Studio Design Team

Snowy Soiree Ensemble (item # 135261)

Decorative Window Gift Box (item # 132146)

Circle Collection Framelits Dies (item # 130911)

Envelope Punch Board (item # 133774)

Frosted Finishes Embellishments (item # 132150)

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