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February 16, 2007

Constant Contact

Earlier today I sent you each a copy of my customer newsletter. Please look over it and feel free use any of the ideas you think would work for your customers. If there is a class that I am offering and you would like to join me, I would love to have you!

I have included a link to constant contact below. You can try their e-mail newsletters FREE for 60 days! I had sent everyone the information a few months ago from Amamda's great newsletters. I have also been using constant contact (paid subscription)for over 6 months. I love it but had a difficult time setting it up. You've got to try it again if you didn't like it before! They have changed their set up and it is much more user friendly. I have seen an increase in class attendance since using this service and I know it would benefit you too. With a little bit of time, it looks extremely professional and you can track all of your interest!

If you sign up for a free trial please include my email address so we can both receive credit for the referral!

Enjoy a better business with a Monthly newsletters, even if you don't use this service. It pays to keep in touch with your customers!

Click on the link below or on the chicklet on the side of this page.

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Anonymous said...

I use constant contact for my cubs class newsletter and I love it! The new format is DEFINATELY much improved. If you have not tried it before, now's the time. Like Mandy said, keeping in contact with your customers is of utmost importance no matter which way you choose to do it! Congrats Mandy on your great blogs! I love them.

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