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June 14, 2007

club idea

Sorry I missed the last unit meeting.   I thought I would share what I did at the last club I had.


We covered the spiral bound notebooks with patterned paper. 

I had tons of scraps left over and I had heard one of the ladies mention she never knew what to do with scraps. 

So we had a contest right then with all the left over scraps. 

They had to make one 3x3 card using only: 

scraps of leftover paper from the project (I did add a few of mine)

one set of ink spots

any leftover ribbon that they trimmed from the original project

any punches we had used that evening

only the adhesive on the table


They had 15 minutes to complete the task.  At the end we gave each card a number and the ladies voted on which they liked the best.  The winner got a prize.  (I was very impressed with the winner’s card….I smell a new demo).  The ladies enjoyed the competition and surprised themselves with what they were able to do. 

Happy Stamping!

Veronica Clark



stephens3181 said...

Great idea, Veronica! I would love to do this to my ladies...they are quite competitive so I think they'd have a good time with this one. :-)
Thanks again! Lisa

Mandy Grant said...

I agree! And what a great way to foster their creativity. We should be challenging our stampers... this is what gives them the confidence to become great demo's or just faithful customers.

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