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June 16, 2007

Photo & File Sharing

I have been working all day to come up with a solution to our file sharing issue... I have found that we can NOT add photos to the blog form the email and we have never been able to share files on it. So, (big apology) we will have to add everyone back on as an author. You will get and invite later today. Remember if you don't have a picture to share you can use the email address to post right to the bolg.

As far as file sharing goes I have signed up for a free file share that will allow you to download the files that we want to share. It takes a few seconds to open the link in the middle of the green page so be patient! Click here to open the stamp challenge.doc I know some of you have it but some of you STILL don't.

If you have a document that you would like to share with the group please email it to me in a pdf, doc, or html (web page) format and I can post it for you untill we have a how to class *big smile*

I know it seems easier to just send it in an attachment but I hope that this will be something that we use offten to share with each other and it will help us orginize everything!!!

Let me know if it worked by leaving me a comment below.

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stephens3181 said...

Mandy, I was able to get the link to the file so it worked for me. Thanks for trying so hard to make this work for all of us!

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