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June 20, 2007

Rubber Round Up IV

I just wanted to make sure everyone knew about the 4th annual Rubber Round Up that will be held at my house July 14th from 10:00 am -1:00 pm. Please consider helping at this event (kinda like a HUGE garage sale with retired rubber stamps) we will set up at 9:00 that morning and divvy up $ when it is over. We will need at least 3 of us to keep control of the CROWD *wink* it gets kinda crazy!!!
To participate just clean your sets and make labels for them that include your name and the price you wish to sell them for. We usually price them about 1/2 of retail but the price is completely up to you. Weather you have 5 or 50 sets I would love for you to be involved. Since it is run like a garage sale I will need each of you to print out a list with all the sets you brought to sell and the price you put on it so we can sort out the proceeds at the end of the day.

Please, make sure to invite all of your customers to this event. We want as many people here as possible to help everyone make some $ to spend on NEW sets, of course!
Let me know ASAP if you will be participating. If you do not have any sets to sell this is still a great customer service so let them know about this great event.


Amanda Morris said...

I will be there at 9:00am! I am looking forward to it--I have a lot of sets to sell. I'm not sure yet how long I will be staying.

Brenda said...

Mandy, I think some of my girls would like to participate. I will let you know by Saturday.

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