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February 19, 2009

My first ever photo Shoot…and the winner!

The winner of the SAB set is Sherily! Thanks everyone for the comments on my blog and my splitcoast gallery about the game box.

I have several new stamped things to share but I don’t want to spoil the fun at my next few classes. So, I thought I would share another (new found) passion – photography! I have had my Nikon D40 since July and my DH bought my a HUGE lens and flash for Christmas. If you use an SLR or DSLR I would love to know your most often used lens and filters!!! Post it in a comment for another free SAB set – deadline Feb 26th.

Here are a few sweet shots of Amelia, straight out of the camera. Good but not great. I am still learning the lighting and such. I need a  few classes before I’ll know how to get  perfect shots that don’t have to be manipulated…but that is another part I love….Digitally altering the photo.


Here are a few more shots that I have “played” with in Photoshop Elements.  

herbert5 herbert2 herbert3 

herbert7 herbert6

If you like action type shots. I would LOVE to come take a few photos of your family. Playful pictures capture who we are, unlike the beautiful fake faces we put on in a portrait! These are the type of memories I want to capture and remember. Let me know what you think!


Lisa Vale said...

These are great! You have such an eye for composition. I also envious of how well you navigate Photoshop Elements! I'd love for you to take pictures of Megan. And me if you can alter the photo to make me thinner. :0)

Anonymous said...

HEY that me??

I'll send you my address via SCS Private message!!


Mandy Grant said...

YES, it's YOU :) I sent you an email this morning but it may be in your spam?!?! Congrats and thanks for the sweet words. What set do you want?

Amanda Morris said...

Thanks again for taking these photos! They are so beautiful, and it's amazing you were able to get these shots with Amelia being as tired and unwilling to smile as she was! Great job.

Keri said...

your pictures are great! you're so multitalented!

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