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August 10, 2009

Fast and Furious

Things have been going by fast a furious but the L-inked Ladies (Lisa Vale, Amanda Morris, Jackie Brafield and Myself) are having an amazing time.

Wed night we went back to Tucanos, a Brazilian restaurant at the outdoor walking mall in downtown. Let me just say all you can eat meat and a side of Brazilian crack makes for a FUN evening. Can you pick the Brazilian Crack from the following picture?


Ok, get your minds out of the gutter ladies….the grilled pineapple is to die for! LOL

Day 3 Thursday – general session & classes have begun

Because we are a few short of a full deck LOL we woke up at an hour I can’t disclose, to sit (on the floor) in front of a gate that wouldn’t even open till 7:30 AM for general session. There is something about sprinting, with 3000 women, to get a front row seat that we  would NOT miss. I know it sounds silly but you’ll get it once your here next year!

edited lineup copy

First in line…ok so Dina and Tammy were first but it’s all about who you know….right?

line at 615

Here’s the line at 6:15 AM 

front row

Here’s Jackie holding down our front row seats! Well worth the wait check out the view from my seat.

view form my seat

opening entertaintment

More to come tomorrow!

L-inked Together,


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