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December 6, 2010

My Christmas gift to you….

will be given at the class you attend in Dec! Sure hope to see you.

Big Shot Class Dec 9th 10Am or 7pm – email me to RSVP

Don’t miss my Big Shot Technique class this Thursday we’re going to make some great gifts. Just a peak of one of the shiny beauty’s you’ll create!


Scrapbooking class – join us Dec 12th 5pm – email me to RSVP

Here’s a quick tutorial from last month Scrapbook class, we did a Big Shot technique to add a great decorative edge.

November’s Layout:


To create this decorative edge:

Take a 2”x 12” strip of Cardstock, fold it in half, then fold the 2 outside edges into meet the middle fold - creating a W.


Next place the W on the Top Note Die so the folds are all inside the lines of the die and the top edge hangs over the short side of the top note. Run through the Big Shot! Important tip: When you take remove it from the die slowly pull the top layer out first and then each additional layer so you don’t rip the cardstock! Take a bone folder and rub out the folds in the cardstock.


Next, the 8 1/2” border with the rounded ends:


Cut an 11” x 2” piece of cardstock and fold it in half. Lay it over the Top Note die so that the folded end of the cardstock is inside the lines and dashes and the open end hangs over the end of the die.  Believe it or not, this ends up being 8 1/2 inches long when you open it, if it’s placed on the die right up to the dashes!


Oh my, look at how dirty my front windows are, I guess I’ve been too busy stampin’ hehehe Do you see the dirty spots, glaring in the pictures?


Happy Stampin’



New friends having fun at last months Big Shot class, hope you’ll join us, too!

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