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December 9, 2010

In the nick of time

I’m going to post this early because I KNOW my family does not look at my blog :)

I created some calendars for Christmas gifts this year, great gift and I only had to make it once, and print it a bunch! I used the new calendar template that SU released this week and I had to HURRY to get it done because it had to be sent to the printer today! I love the idea of a template but then I go and have to get crazy. It would have taken me minutes to throw in a few current pictures, but NOT me.

I had this crazy great idea to go back several years and collect pictures so we could see the kids growth. What a trip down memory lane, I know the kids were tired of me squealing and clapping my hands at each old picture I ran across but they are just too stinking cute, if I do say so myself!

Here’s the finished project and I ordered one for me in an 8x8 soft cover book so I can use it as my planner this year! I’ve only included the Feb calendar page because once you’ve seen one you’ve pretty much seen them all. I didn’t add anything fancy.

 Christmas Calendars 2011-001 Christmas Calendars 2011-002 

 Christmas Calendars 2011-004 Christmas Calendars 2011-005 Christmas Calendars 2011-006  Christmas Calendars 2011-008  Christmas Calendars 2011-010  Christmas Calendars 2011-012  Christmas Calendars 2011-014  Christmas Calendars 2011-016  Christmas Calendars 2011-018  Christmas Calendars 2011-020  Christmas Calendars 2011-022  Christmas Calendars 2011-024

Here’s the new template I used:

2011 Notable Desktop Calendar Kit Template #125148


This is what the new stands look like and I know my family will love them. What do you think? I’ll start MDS classes again in Jan so don’t miss out, we’ll be making 5 pages at a time and then sending them off to the printer!


Merry Christmas,


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