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March 1, 2011

Bring on the cake....

Crumb Cake that is :) Man, it's my favorite color! 
We had a great set of classes in Feb! Card class was a blast, we learned embedded embossing, and 10 of the 12 seats were taken!  

We have class this Friday, March 4th 10am and 7pm - hope you can make it!
If you want a spot for any of the March classes shoot me an email so I can keep your seat warm :)  Classes are listed on the left side of this page.

Card Class is called 1 to keep and 1 to give so we make 2 of each design. 
Today I'll show the 1st card we made in Feb, come back tomorrow to see the 2nd card design (with embedded embossing). All cards are pretty inside and out *smile* and you can stamp the envelope, too! 

inside of the card

Yes, it crooked and I smeared it but I still think it's pretty.... we'll maybe not, but I'm sure if I sent this card to someone they would NOT say OMG it's crooked and smeared. Would they? 
I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the outside of this card, so it's all good!
 But honestly, if I were going to send it I'd have some "extra" embellishing to do, because theres no mistakes in stampin' just a chance for more layering and embellishing! 

Supplies: All Stampin' Up! (sets and punches from the mini catalog- 
& I want everything in this mini catalog :)

Stamp(s): Bring on the Cake  c# 121978 $27.95  w# 121899 $38.95

                   Create a Cupcake c# 128982 $16.95  w# 121915 $22.95

Tools: Create A Cupcake  Punch # 121807 $16.95

Colors used: Crumb Cake cs, classic ink & seam binging ribbon; 
                 Early Espresso cs & classic ink; Very Vanilla cs

I want to know, would you send it like it is or would you have some extra embellishing to do?

L-inked Together, 

Mandy Grant

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