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April 5, 2011

She's so creative!

I just had to show off how creative my sweet little girl is, well I guess she's not so little anymore, she'll be in middle school next year. *sigh*

It was "Flower for your Teachers" last Thursday and Erika wanted to make flowers.  So this was her design (COMPLETELY, she asked for NO help). Are they not cute?  Little flower pots using the cupcake die!!! She filled the cupcake holder with rice and stuck the pencils in the rice. She wanted to spray paint the rice brown, like dirt, but she ran out of time.

She created 2 sets, one for her everyday teacher and one for her target teacher. 

Here's an up close view of the pencils. 

Erika used the large oval punch to create lots of petals and then she attached them to the pencil with sticky strip and glue dots. I love how she added the ribbon "leaves" to finish it off. I'm super proud of her and I know one day she be an awesome demonstrator. I think I'm going to have her design a card for my next month's card class! 

So what do you think? 

The Grab bags are going FAST, they are already having to use the $5 and $10 bags to send out the $15 options (still worth $60). So hurry and get your's today! 
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Happy Shopping,


Tammy Avery said...

What a great job Erica! I bet your teachers are going to love them. These are awesome!!! Mandy you are so lucky to have such a talented daughter!

Jackie Barfield said...

I can't wait to see the card she creates for the class. I love these! Very talented girl.

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