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August 19, 2011

Cupcakes Made Simple

It's the 3rd week of our MDS blog hop and I know you've been inspired. I sure hope you've sat down to play in MDS and create something special!

This weeks Alesha picked a CUPCAKE theme. How fun! Well back in December I fell in love with a card that Dawn Olchefske created and it's been sitting in my "cards to case" file for way too long. So I thought this would be the perfect time to use it. I love how her card had all the cupcakes stacked on top of each other but (you know me) I just can't spend that much time on one card. So my solution was to make it all in MDS so I could print 6 cards from one sheet of cardstock! Plus, anything HYBRID get me excited! Yes, even more excited then I was in the picture on the right. LOL

So what do you think? It's so full of texture and not a FLAT printed card, right! I wonder if you can TELL what's printed and what's real...Go ahead, get a little closer!

The only thing stamped is the birthday tag and it was "masked" out of the Delightful Dozens stamp set. 

 After I printed and put together the first one, I started thinking, we all need guy birthday cards and I think this could work. 
 I made a few changes and Voila, it's fit to give a bows, no bling, just cupcakes!

They went together quick and easy, with the help of the YUMMY new Smitten Alphabet download.
You'll get to create these cards tomorrow(Sat, August 20th) at our MDS class... in real life and digitally!

Downloads used for these cards:
Cupcake Punch $0.95 (if you attended my class with the cute trees you already have this one)
Smitten Alphabet Punch  $7.95
Pocket full of Poises $4.95 not required for the class but oh so worth it!
If you already own these downloads any $10 will cover your class fee. 

I used the Grunge Kit for the texture you see in the Masculine card. I love how it looks like the cupcake wrapper is wrinkled! Did you see that?!

If you'r not already, I'm sure you'll be drooling after you see what the others have created with CUPCAKES!
3. Mandy Grant (that's me!)
11. Alesha Walls

My quick video below will show you how I laid out the elements
to get 6 cards out of one sheet of cardstock!

(If you are reading this in your email you'll need to go to my blog to watch the video)


Jeanna Bohanon said...

OMG Mandy! How CUTE! I still couldn't tell what was printed and what wasn't until I saw that last screen shot! WTG...totally rocked it, girl!

Amber Meadows said...

Very cute Mandy!

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