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October 14, 2011

Number my days....MDS blog Hop- gratitude

Oh, I've had a blast with countdowns this week! I can't wait for you to see them :) This weeks challenge was to create something related to Thanksgiving or Gratitude. I'll start with my less obvious thanksgiving creations. I wanted to create a Birthday Countdown to help celebrate the birthday child (or adult ;) for more then just one day.  I found my inspiration form Super Mommy. Man, I am SO NOT a super mommy but I love my children and I hope they know that.

It's a little late in the game but I am going to print these bad boys (make a few age appropriate changes) and celebrate my children, letting them know how thankful I am to have them in my life.  Or is it ever to late to start a NEW tradition?  I think not, if it shows them I love them!
These are screen shots of my projects....They are just like my Christmas Countdown and I will have them stick to the fridge in a 12x12 page protector. The cupcakes are the magnets and under them reveal a way to celebrate the birthday child  each day as they countdown the week to their birthday!

This shows the page that I will print to cut out the cupcakes and add the magnets! Oh and the NAME at the top will also be a magnet so I can change them out for the boys with out having to print 2 of the background pages. I will offer kits of anyone is interested!

Now for the girly one (well kinda, Erika is not very girly)!

Are these not sooo much fun?! I know my nephews will love getting these and my sister will think I'm a super mommy for the idea. LOL

Now for the more obvious gratitude project with MDS.....
I fell in LOVE with Kim Assaly's Advent Calendar using the Chunky frames that are on the clearance you need to get one RIGHT NOW!!! But I wanted to PLAN it out before I just starting cutting away and was un happy with the colors and such so I created the DRAFT in MDS and I will make it IRL this afternoon! Whoo Hoo - I can't wait to show you the finished project! Remember it's still a work in progress but I'm so excited with how it's looking! What do you think???

Ok so there's what I've been working on and I'll have kits for the birthday countdowns for sale if you're interested let me know! 

Hop on over and see what the others are THANKFUL for! 

3. Mandy Grant (that's me!) 


Heather Summers said...

Very cute!!! Love the cupcakes!

Amber Meadows said...

wow - super cute!!

Aly Schilling said...

Oh dear. You put me to shame! I have yet to do a countdown.... and now there are SO MANY great options my head is spinning!!! I'm loving the Birthday idea... such a great concept! Totally using that. And now I want a chunky frame. *Sigh*

Jeanna Bohanon said...

You are so talented Mandy! I love being inspired by you!

Alesha Walls said...


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