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October 17, 2011

Catch the fever at gift class this Thursday...

Oh man, now that I've made one, I so have Chunk Frame Fever! I know you'll catch it too when you make yours at gift class this Thursday! I only have 12 chunky frames so RSVP quickly to get your seat! This is a really great deal too since the class fee is less then the cost of the project supplies...just my early gift to you. There will be 4 different background papers so they won't be exactly the same. 

I made it in MDS first so I could see what it would look like and then decided to make it hybrid. So I cut card stock with the Peek a Boo die and all I can say is it's sooo cool! Then printed the numbers and punched them out. I'm working on another one for Christmas. Whoo hoo.....

It's a frame all about blessings and could be up all year round but.....since I couldn't COMMIT, I created it all on a pice of DSP backer and then just added it to the frame with glue dots in the corner so I can change it out for each season. So let me know what you think?

Will you be at class this Thursday morning at 10AM or evening at 7PM?

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