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October 21, 2011

Out side of the box - MDS Blog Hop!

Well I started in a whole 'nother direction and wound up here...But I'm happy with the way it turned out!

Now that it's time to plan for Leadership I'm pulling out some Convention photos - I'm so behind but it's fun to look back. Besides these photos helped me get into the Leadership spirit.

We just booked our tickets to San Antonio! Are you going?

On to the design....Did you see how I used this outside of the box? There was only one frame on the original paper, shown below,  so I cropped it and added them together to make my own background paper! It's a little over the top, I know, but perfect for Convention memories. I also used the "journaling" by cutting them (with the punch tool) out of another paper in the Beau Chateau pack. Just zoom in and out to get the right sized words for the box you want!

Is this too busy for you? Let me know your thoughts!

Hop on over to see what the other designers have in store.... I know I'm eager to see!

3. Mandy Grant (that's me!) 


Heather Summers said...

VERY fun page! Love the top left photo:) Great page Mandy....I'll be seeing you in San Antonio!!!

Amber Meadows said...

it is busy - but definitely not too busy. I think it's a fantastic page! How very creative to crop the paper and repeat it. I never would have thought of that!

Rochelle said...

I agree, it is busy, but not too busy for what kind of page it is. What a fun page to capture those convention memories!

Holly VanDyne said...

Not too busy - I think its fabulous!!! :) Wish I was heading to leadership but I am planning to make my first convention trip this year. So excited!

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