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December 2, 2011

Create your own Class.....

We've created so many gift over the last 4 months that I'm THRILLED to be giving this Christmas Season. I want'ed to give you another chance to make some more... to help your holiday budget this year, too! 

Friday Dec 9th 10AM or 7PM you can pick any 2 of the projects shown below. You must RSVP with the gifts you want to make by MONDAY, Dec 5th so I can have them ready for Friday. I have a limited number of each so it's the first to RSVP with payment. I'll send you a pay pal invoice after you send me the email of the 2 gifts you want to make. 
 If you can't make it ask me about kits for some of these great gifts! 

Fabric Choices: Spice Cake (shown), Timeless, Springtime Vintage, Deck the Halls, and Candy Cane

 Key Chain $6 - video tutorial available 

Artistic Frame (shape may vary) $5 - video tutorial available

Stationary box with 6 cards and envelopes  $12  - video tutorial available

(MY FAVORITE) Magnetic, Fabric, Dry Erase Board $15  video tutorial available 

DVD case with Notepad (missing in action- I must be using it) $8 - video tutorial available
or DVD case with 4 matching cards $10
or DVD case with a calendar and notebook inside $10 

Merry & Blessed Banner with Box $10 - picture's only no tutorial 

Can Calendar - you provide a LARGE campbell's chunky soup can - $3 written tutorial with pictures

12 x 12 Chunky Blessed Frame $18 - no tutorial but everything is printed, punched, die cut and ready to assemble

Cork Board Trio $15 - video tutorial available 

Merry Christmas!

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