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December 2, 2011

MDS Blog Hop - Monochromatic

I had more fun with this challenge then I expected....I searched and searched....LOVE the search button with stamps and embellishments but it's not always easy for Background Papers so I decided to use a "trick" to make them the color I wanted. I've added a video at the bottom to show you how!

Oh and some of you told me you couldn't SEE the video last time so I've made it bigger. LOL But you can also click the HD arrows and make it full screen without it being blurry. Sorry, last time I was trying a new way to upload my videos that DIDN'T work...I'll try to go back and fix that soon! 

There's about a 30 second delay halfway through where MDS was updating (CRAZY) so hang in there I didn't go anywhere. LOL

Check out some of the other Monochromatic Schemes! 

3. Mandy Grant (that's me!) 
4. Julie Leblanc  (she's your next stop on the HOP)

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Blogs said...

Wish you could visit me here in WI and lead me through the digital program. I can do it myself, but you gals have such a handle on it! Your page is awesome ..but I'd remove the question mark.

Thanks for sharing!

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