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February 24, 2012


I wanted to post something fun but I didn't have time this week to play along with the theme :(
For my long distance followers who don't know, It's been 3 weeks today that I started back to work full time and it's catching up with me big time. I felt like a super hero the first week and then my stamina started to slip....I'm wondering how you amazing women do it all.

So that's enough of the pity party! Here's my month in review page for January! To hold me accountable to this project I'll show each months page sometime in the following month :)

 Happy Hopping! 

2. Mandy Grant (thanks for stopping by!)

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Susan said...

lovw ALL your pages; I did what you're back doing, but I'm retired & LOVIN' it; now I can do what I want to do!!your blog's fantastic & you can't be a super hero every day....but to your children, you're a hero every day!

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