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March 2, 2012

MDS Blog Hop - Copy Cat

I was the queen of copy cat when I first stated stampin' and that didn't change when I started digital design either! Why would you not copy? You already know you love the design and then you learn how to work out while you design it. If you haven't done this recently I suggest you pick a layout from the group and COPY - or as the crafting world calls it CASE (copy and share everything)! 

I copied Holly, this week, I love the layout I saw on her blog and I couldn't wait to try it! My pictures don't compare so I still didn't get the look I wanted but it was close!!!

Here's mine...I took my cousins' engagement pictures so that's who these people are.  LOL

thanks for stopping by! 

3. Mandy Grant (that's me :)
                                                                13. Krystine Brandt (guest blogger and my sweet friend!)

1 comment:

Holly VanDyne said...

Oh my gosh, Mandy! LOVE what you did with that page, and I'm so honored that you chose mine to CASE. :)

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