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June 22, 2012

MDS BLOG HOP - Celebration

Hey Designers, I'm excited to share another project I created to celebrate the wonderful people in my life. I didn't scrapbook a celebration but..... I've been wanting to make a piece of date art so I thought I'd make one for each of them men for father's day.

My dad "got it" right away but I had to explain it to my father in law. Afterwords he said, "this is great but you should have handed it to me and said - you figure it out!" LOL

This one was for Chris - it's still sitting on the kitchen counter so I guess it's for me too ;) 

This is my FIL's 

This is my dad's and it's still growing....whew

I told them I'd update it every year if needed but I might have to get creative with my family since both of my little sister sill have to add families to the list!!!

 I used the Decorative Overlays stamps (love them) - grid & woodgrain for the background. The font is called Anderson Four Feather Fall - from -great FREE fonts! Thanks for stoping by :) Enjoy the rest of the HOP......

 Mandy Grant (that's me :)

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Holly VanDyne said...

I'm laughing at your father-in-law, Mandy! What great artwork and I LOVE the font you used!!!! :)

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