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June 14, 2012

MDS Blog Hop - Father's Day

Here's the start of my father's day gift (I know, I only have a few days to finish it). I'll be printing these for  my father, father in law, and Chris. I love the idea of one gift that keeps on giving! 

If you haven't downloaded the Keep the Memory Kit yet, you need too! Look at all these yummy colors and designs. 
 Here are the 1st 3 layouts of their gift's 

I'm sure I'll get some more great ideas, from the hop, that I can throw together at the last minute. LOL 

Enjoy your Father's Day weekend! 

 Mandy Grant (that's me :)


Susan said...

you are truly an inspriation for this MDS blog hop; I look so forward to you & Heather's weekly posts; thanks for sharing & have a great weekend!!

Cori said...

Love it! :)

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