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February 22, 2007

Ribbon Butterfly

I found this, ribbon original, listed as a Workshop Wow shown at SU! regional in Reno.

Use the Sweet Shop ribbon pg 234
*Cut the striped ribbon at 3 inches and the polka dots at 2.5 inches.
*place a glue dot at the bottom of the striped ribbon and place the polka dot
ribbon on it *face down*
Pull the bottom ribbon down and *squish* together with your fingers.
This part does not need to be *pretty* you will fix it in the end.

The next few steps require a little finger work ;)

The belly is made form one of the small stitched ribbons (here it's red)
take a 6 inch piece and wrap it even around the center of the *butterfly* bringing the ends of the ribbon together at the top.

Here's the *fun* part! Take the ends of your ribbon and wrap them around your finger. then *tuck* the ends into the hole. (should look like the picture below once tucked)

Were almost there! Just *push* the knot down towards the striped ribbon as close as you can. Then, pull all the wings so they go were you want them to.

I have added this to a spring scrapbooking page that you can find on my Splitcoast gallery.

1 comment:

Kheila said...

Now that is so cute andextremely clever! I'm going to try it....thanks so much for the tutorial.

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