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April 7, 2007

April- Unit Meeting

Hello L-inked Ladies!

It's almost that time again :) We have our unit meeting scheduled for April 22nd at 2:00, my house. You will not want to miss this one! I will be teaching Photo altering with Pearl-ex. Our swap theme will be 3D projects you would do as a make 'n take at a workshop (please no difficult class/club projects). This will be a huge wealth of information since we are always looking form something great, easy and cost effective that will create a wow at a workshop! If any of you will not be able to make it and would like to swap I will need your swaps here by Wednesday 18th. If your swaps are not here I will not hold the other swaps for you since it becomes unfair for the others that have participated.

I am asking each of you to come prepared to share something that worked well for you at your last workshop/class/club and explain why it worked, what products were purchased by your customers, and if you remember any changes you would have made. I believe if we take this approach to our meetings we will be sharing a wealth of information that will benefit sales as well as the hobbyist (because everyone wants to see new stuff).

Bring your cameras and art notebooks so you can take pictures of the projects and take notes on how it was done. I will add some of them to this blog but it will be easier for you to remember if you have your own notes!

We need a head count by this coming Thursday, April 12th (5 days from now!) so everyone has time to make there projects and those out of town can mail them. Please place a comment to this post so everyone will know who will bringing swaps.

I am excited to see all of you again and I have some exciting things to share form regional and a little about the upcoming convention. Please remember to bring you planners!

P.S. If you need to pay for your l-inked ladies shirt please bring a check with you. If you have not yet received your shirt I have them here and you can get it at the meeting.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to learn the photo altering! I'll be there! =0)

Amanda Morris said...

I will be there too...either with Amelia or with pictures. I can't wait to see everyone again.

Brenda said...

Hey Mandy,
Can't wait to learn this new technique! I will see you and the rest of the gang on Sunday the 22nd!

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