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July 28, 2010

My Awards Night Story

   Imagine sitting with all the top demonstrators in the section reserved just for the 130 some ladies invited to attend Founders Circle 2010. Ronda Wade looks and me and says, “Are you nervous?” and I answer, “No”. What was I thinking? I guess it was all just unreal.
   I had received the Founders Circle bag on Wednesday when we checked into the awards booth. I knew when we got there I had 10 team members that had worked hard and hit $1000 in sales this year. Plus, of our 3 amazing ladies that busted it big time and promoted to Sr. Supervisor. I hit my person goal for the year, of 20K in sales, because of all my amazing friends that come weekly to all my classes! So I had tons of Pin and Free sets to pick up when I got to the awards booth!
    I started the Training with Ronda program in February of this year. She is amazing and got me on track, in just 4 short months, to achieve the Alaskan cruise. That was never something I thought was possible! Ronda also told me I could be in the running for Founders and that’s what keep me pushing the last few months.
   So as we walked up to the booth I was hoping for some amazing news! Below is the picture Amanda snapped as the sweet lady behind said, “Is that all of the awards?” then looked down grabbed the Founders Bag and said, “Oh, I guess there is ONE more!” I screamed LOUD (you all know how loud I can be hehehe)!
Go back with me to Awards Night, sitting with all the TOP demos….
   They started with #100 and my Sweet Friend Missy Shipman's name was called! I knew I would be one of the next names called. My TEAM kicked tail this year and 20K in sales is great, but small in comparison to the majority in this group! The numbers just keep coming…I wasn’t in the the 90’s. The 80’s when by and I was still sitting there. NOW, my heart is pumping in my chest. I am shocked! The 70’s when by along with the 60’s….I was shaking so badly I couldn’t sit still. “ Number #57 from Acworth, GA.” Oh my, that was me! The L-inked Together TEAM had earned us #57 – I am so proud of y’all!
L-inked Ladies, I love each of you so much. It is an honor to work beside each of you. I look forward to seeing big things in your businesses this year! Please know, that I pray for each of you on a regular basis. I am blessed because of you and I thank God daily for you in my life! Next Year you all must be in Salt Lake with me!!!
I want this group photo to be bigger ;)
Day 4 Dinner
Left – Right Jackie Barfield (Team), Julie Leblanc, Dina Anker, Amanda Morris (Team), Me, Rose-Ellen Crane Eastman, Row 2 Front, Cathy Williams, Back Kasey Litt (Team)
I love what I do more every day! Butterfly Signature (shop online)
Here’s my favorite Card from Convention, it’s not a swap, Jackie Barfiled gave it to me as a congratulations for earning the cruise to Alaska. Didn’t she do an amazing job of portraying the event! Thanks, Jackie, love ya!
I’ll post more convention highlights over the next few days!
Come to Punch Art Class Thursday 7pm or Friday 10am and you’ll see everything in person!


Jackie Barfield said...

Wow! You posted the card I made you. :) I'm so glad you liked it. You have truly been a blessing to me and my business. I hope that with you earning cruise and Founders Circle that I'll be even more inspired and motivated to take my business to the next level. I know I can do this.

Amy said...

Congrats Mandy!! I love you story...and you started with "Imagine...." Good for you! It was so fun to meet all of you ladies at Convention. I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing you all again next year for sure if not sooner!!

LOVE Jackie's card....great use of that set from the mini as well as Lovely as a Tree!

Continued blessings and successes to you and your team in your businesses!


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