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October 11, 2010

Help, I broke my Stampin’ Up! INK PAD

I have a habit of pushing too hard when I open my pad and flinging it right out the other end, ugh! 

Don’t laugh you know you’ve done it too!

Here’s a quick video to show you how to fix it. My son filmed this with my phone and I’ve never done a video before so please be sweet :)

Help, I broke my Stampin' Up! Ink Pad from Mandy Grant on Vimeo.


I hope this will make you giggle today, it’s a stampin’ joke my 11 year of daughter wrote.

There are 4 in the series titled

“How can you tell if you’re addicted to Stamping”

People might know your a stamper if, you have ink all over your face from trying to put your ink pad back together!

by Erika Grant

I thought this was perfect for today’s video!

Happy Stampin’

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Jackie Barfield said...

Love the video! Your phone did that??? Funny, my Real Red ink pad came apart too and I had red ink all over my hands from trying to get it back together. Could have used this video back then. LOL.

Cori said...

Well, that's pretty impressive for a phone! I hope mine never break... but good to know! You might have to hire your son now to film your videos! ;) (And your daughter for the entertainment!)

Noor Nahdi said...

Loved your blog and projects!!!
I luckily reached out to you via BlogCatalog :)I'm now a follower!!!
Crafty Hugs,
Noor Nahdi (Fond of Crafts)

NY Bella said...

Thank you, thank you thank you! I just got my ink pad back together after watching your great video.

ThePurplePlace said...

You are an ANGEL!! I broke one today, also a red color (Rose Red) and worked on it for an hour --- so frustrated that I could not fix it!

Your video made it a breeze and I've now bookmarked it -- for the future!!

Now lets see how I can clean all this red ink of 'everything'!!


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