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November 4, 2010

How often do we say,

I made it for me!

I was asked by a new customer just the other night, if I still get to create for ME.

I started thinking…and looking around the house, and I realized that I have been creating and keeping things quite a bit, recently. I Love that I get to create everyday, and the thought a giving a handmade gift is what hooked me on Stampin’ Up! to start with

If you haven’t made something that was for you, in a while, I encourage you to just go play and remember the LOVE affair you have with stampin'.

Even thought I counted a TON of “for me” projects (my new purse, all the cute Halloween decor, my chalkboard….well most of these I create for a class, but kept them) I decided to make something just for me – yes it will turn into a class but that’s what I love about being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.

CHECK THIS OUT – can you guess what it is? 


OK, now that I have you drooling, I’ll show you the whole thing!

It’s a memo board, for ME!


It’s already in my Kitchen so the pictures is not that great but I just couldn’t move it from there hehehe!


I love mine so much, that I’ve decided to add it to the line up of Gifts you can pick from at the…..

 Gift Buffet - Dec 3rd and 4th open from 10am –10pm both days. 

My house will be open 10AM – 10PM  on the 3rd and 4th for you to get all your Handmade Gifts done (or make something just for you) just in time for the Holidays to be in full swing. You pick what you want to make and when you want to come. I’ll have everything ready for you to play!

Pictures and Prices to come over the next few days….you’ll want to block out some time on the 3rd and 4th of Dec, to come play with me!

See you soon,


Check out my other classes listed under the tabs at the top of the blog and shoot me and email @ if you’d like to join us for one!


Mom said...

I love this board. I may have to find a way to get out there for the Gift Buffet.

Mom said...

-- Yeah -- Didn't realize that you might not know who this is signed in under my Google Account.


Cori said...

Very cute Mandy!! Love it! :)

Julie - Kewlstamps said...

Hi Mandy, I so wish that I could be there... especially for the Wreath piece, it is simply gorgeous!!!! I miss you very much and hope to see you again soon!

Have a great Holiday season.
Stamping hugs, lol!
Julie, mwah:-)

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