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February 17, 2011

Blown away with all it can do!

WOW - Daily, I'm inspired on 

There is so much that the program (MDS) can do to simplify the creative process.

Below are pictures (and the link) to a post that was shared yesterday, on She gives TONS of pictures of the baby shower and how she used MDS to make it gorgeous!  This post thrilled me because once you do the work, for the first event, you can easily go in and change the colors to use it for another! That got me thinking....this will be the first "extra" MDS club video that I'll offer.

If you have not visited the site in a while you need to go and see all the amazing samples. Plus, I've posted a few questions that were QUICKLY answered by other MDS experts ;) 
If the MDS club sounds interesting, send me an email to get more details at

1 comment:

Amy Fink said...

That is a great +ONE feature of MDS. :) Love your projects--and, I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger award :)

Stop by my "place" and pick it up :)

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