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January 13, 2012

MDS blog hop - New goodies and a Survey

I'm still head over heals for grab this download if you haven't already!
Something I thought was worth sharing with all you MDS hoppers is how easy it now is to find new downloads every Tuesday!  Check out the new page organized by date... Super EXCITED over here! Can you tell?

I get that question a ton how can I see all the downloads for the week quickly - Or browse other weeks I have missed? Go to, click the store link on the top right (not shown above), then from the left side select Digital Downloads, lastly Newest Downloads....easy as 1,2,3!

Al-righty, here's my page with the Twitterpatted download. There is a picture of the download, in all it's glory, on the post from earlier this week, just keep scrolling.

I "borrowed" the layout and was reminded about adding multiple photos in a punch from a recent blog post on You really need to go there often. Just sayin' - I get some much from that site!

I've made a quick video showing you how to use Heatger Summer's technique of adding multiple punches to a photo. Just so you know the whole story, she discovered this after Leah made a beautiful layout that took her DAYS and then asked if anyone on know of a better way. Here came Heather to the rescue. She played and found a super quick solution and share it with us all!
XOXO, Heather!!!

I'm working on some changes for 2012 but I need to know what you want first! Please take one of the surveys below if you'd like to give me your 2 cents. I'd really like to hear what you think!

Long Distance Ladies take this Survey
Click here to take survey

Local Ladies take this Survey
Click here to take survey

It's PAST time to head on over to the rest of the bloggers, so get going....and have a blast with the new goodies!

3. Mandy Grant (thanks for stopping by!)


Cindy Schuster said...

I bought this kit just because of you! LOL

Holly VanDyne said...

OK - need this kit now! Love this page Mandy, great job! :)

Alesha Walls said...

I love your layout!

Jeanna Bohanon said...

Love it! What a great look.

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