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February 14, 2011

11 yr old Valentines

No, these are not pictures from 11 years ago *wink*

My sweet little girl, is 11 years old and she loves to stamp. 
The last 2 years I've come up with a design for her Valentines class treats, she copies that and adds her own twist. Last year she made them with the milk carton die (see them here). This year she use the heart shaped cups, from the kits I was selling, and had a blast. 

She's my mother's child. I'm such a "slap it together" girl and my mom wants it just right. I wont call her names, but she want's it perfect. hehehe Erika is the same way. She actually said, "they aren't perfect. I have to sand them all". ARE YOU KIDDING? She's 11 and they looked just fine to me before she sanded them! 

The yellow one on the right was my design and the ones on the right were hers. Too cute hugh? 

But 28 of them was not enough, she needed CUPCAKES filled with candy for her teachers, too.

I think she did a great job but then, I guess I'm a little biased. 

Hope you have a Happy DAY! 

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Tammy Avery said...

Great Job Erica!!

Cindy said...

Awesome Job!! :) Those are absolutely beautiful!

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